What You Need to Know About ClearCorrect Orthodontics

What You Need to Know About ClearCorrect Orthodontics

Nov 05, 2019

The thought of wearing metals or wires on your teeth can be really disheartening for someone already struggling with the appearance of their smile. While fixing the problem, the design of traditional braces tends to draw more attention to the smile you are already trying to hard. This means that the treatment does not make you feel any better, up until it is complete. The challenge with this is that some people are not able to bear with the negative attention associated with traditional braces, and often forego treatment. This challenge can however be solved by use of invisible braces that correct your smile with discretion and comfort.

What Is ClearCorrect?

It is see-through orthodontic aligner similar to Invisalign. It is a chain of custom plastic trays that are designed to progressively shift the alignment of your teeth, so that eventually you get straight teeth. Usually, the aligners take about 12 months to be effective and this is much faster compared to traditional braces. Their clear design, free from brackets and wires is a great plus that allows you fix the problem of uneven or cooked teeth without those you around you even noticing that you are wearing orthodontics.

How Do They Work?

After your dentist has determined that you need to wear dental aligners, he or she will proceed to make the first set. The first aligners are supposed to shift your teeth just a little. For this reason, they will always closely fit your current smile. It will take about 2 weeks for the first shift to be achieved, and then the aligners will be changed again. The second aligners will again me made slightly tight that the current smile so that they again slowly move your teeth to the desired position. The number of aligners used throughout the treatment process will depend on the severity of the problem. Every time you get new aligners, they will fit more snuggly than the last.

Conditions Fixed by ClearCorrect

Overbite: This is when the top teeth are too forward over the bottom teeth. in serious cases this can cause discomfort in the jaw and cause the teeth to be worn out because of an uneven bite pattern.

Crowding: Some people have really small jaws that cannot fit all their permanent teeth correctly. This forces some teeth to overlap each other or be pushed towards the front or back of the mouth. Cleaning the teeth also becomes difficult and thus the need for aligners to position the teeth correctly.

Gaps and Spaces: Aligners will help push together teeth that are spaced out. Having gaps in teeth can trap food particles and lead to decay. Also, some people are just overly conscious with having spaces and gaps in their teeth.

Crossbite: This occurs when the lower teeth cover some or all of the upper teeth. This leaves the teeth vulnerable to excessive wear, chipping or even breakage. Treatment will reposition the affected teeth and restore the integrity of your dental structure.

Openbite: When you close your jaw and part of the upper or lower teeth do not come into contact, clear aligners may be needed to fix the issue so that you can chew properly. An openbite also affects speech.

Benefits of the ClearCorrect Aligners

  • They are much comfortable than traditional braces. You will not need to attend a wire tightening session, just an appointment to change the aligners which are painless, you only feel a mild pressure with a new set.
  • They are very convenient because they are invisible and can be removed at any time. Your friends will hardly tell you are wearing aligners.
  • They are a quick fix for uneven or crooked teeth. They require just half the amount of time traditional braces require to fix the same issue.
  • Clear aligners are suitable for all ages. Both children and adult can use them to achieve a straight and beautiful smile.

We have a dedicated cosmetic dentistry clinic that is skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to clear dental aligners. Besides just providing you with an ideal smile, using our innovative techniques and advanced technology will ensure our patients have good overall dental health.