Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay in Arlington, TX

Teeth and enamel are exposed daily to bacteria and other materials that lead to tooth decay. Brushing your teeth is a good step to preventing decay, but only a licensed dentist can remove the built-up plaque and calculus on your teeth with a thorough cleaning. Arlington Dental Associates are dedicated to preserving the health of your teeth and the surrounding tissue. At our Arlington dental office, patients can receive a cleaning with our state-of-the-art equipment from our highly skilled dental hygienists.

We aim to prevent and get rid of tooth decay that has formed on teeth. Ideally, you should brush and floss at least twice a day. However, this still does not remove calculus that is not removed by toothbrushes. Our dentist can make your teeth feel cleaner than they ever have by using advanced techniques to make sure teeth are as clean and healthy as possible. Getting these cleanings biannually reduces the chance of developing gum diseases, cavities, and other dental problems.

We Treat Cavities

If you have had a cavity, you know that they can cause severe discomfort if they are not treated. At Arlington Dental Associates, we know exactly how to prevent cavities and get rid of the ones you currently have. Our equipment is precise and accurate, giving you results that far exceed your expectations. Any discomfort you have experienced will be alleviated with our dental treatment.

How They Form

Cavities are formed when sugar is not cleaned from the teeth properly. The bacteria in the mouth then cause sugar to turn into plaque, which eats away at the enamel covering teeth. Eventually, small holes develop in the enamel. These are cavities, and they can cause a lot of pain and discomfort when eating or drinking.

If you think you may have a cavity or some other form of tooth decay, do not hesitate to get in touch with our dental office in Arlington and schedule an appointment. We are open 6 days a week, including Saturday, making us the most convenient office in the Arlington area. Take care of your smile at Arlington Dental Associates.