ClearCorrect in Arlington, TX

Do you want to have that perfect smile? Are you weary of attaching metal lines to your mouth? If you are looking for a revolutionary way to fix that smile while remaining discreet, look no further! ClearCorrect is a transparent teeth aligner used to treat unfortunate dental alignment while maintaining a clear and discreet look. Unlike traditional braces, ClearCorrect realigns teeth by implementing multiple trays which will move your teeth over time, ultimately reducing discomfort. Arlington Dental Associates will leave you loving your new smile while saving you any and all embarrassment.

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Your dental records are used to make a custom set of aligners specific to patients so the fit is perfect and comfortable. Your dentist will take a 3D scan of your mouth to identify where your problem areas are, and then this is used to map out the gradual shift your treatment plan will entail. Computer precision combined with digital maps and molds creates a virtually perfect aligner for your teeth.

The Four Phases

ClearCorrect treatment has a four-phased alignment program. Every three weeks, you will receive a new set of trays that are positioned differently than the previous. While this may seem like a hassle compared to standard steel braces, this method ensures total comfort and amazing results, as much attention is paid to each mold. Similar to a retainer, you keep the pieces in throughout the day until meal time and teeth cleaning. The total treatment process lasts up to two years and can be completed in as little as one year. During the course of this treatment, you’ll be required to make multiple appointments with your dentist to document the progress and further evaluate your oral status.

The Benefits

ClearCorrect is available for people of many ages, but children and seniors need to consult with a dentist in order to find the most appropriate treatment for them. ClearCorrect can effectively treat crowded teeth, teeth spacing, overbites/underbites, and rotated teeth. ClearCorrect’s basic plan can cost you between $2500 and $3500 as compared to metal braces that can range from $3000 to $7000.

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Visit your dentist so you can discuss whether or not ClearCorrect is the best method of orthodontics for your needs. If your dentist feels as though ClearCorrect is an appropriate method to straighten your teeth, they can help refer you to an orthodontist near you. Book your appointment at Arlington Dental Associates now!