Is It Possible For Six-Month Smiles To Work As Quickly As Described?

Is It Possible For Six-Month Smiles To Work As Quickly As Described?

Dec 01, 2019

If you do not like the appearance of your front teeth when you smile you can find help from orthodontics. The thought of wearing braces for years may not be appealing to you. However six-month smiles in Arlington can offer you a speedy solution to begin smiling as you wish within six months.

How Can Six Month Smile Function Speedily As Described?

Six-month smiles in Arlington offer you the assurance and peace of mind that a qualified dentist who understands your needs is treating your smile. The system has been designed for adults over 16 years of age that have misaligned, crooked or spaced teeth in their mouths. Six-month smiles is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is less involved than comprehensive orthodontics which requires more than two years to complete. Therefore it is recommended that you begin with a consultation with our office to understand whether you are a suitable candidate for six-month smiles.

During your appointment, our dental professionals will take x-rays and models of your teeth. To ensure we provide the right treatment to you the professionals will also discuss your ideal smile to help you to achieve your oral health goals.

Stay Free Without The Stress of Aligners And Metal Braces

Aligners and metal braces can be stressful to maintain without the guidance of a qualified dentist. The aligners will require more than six months to rectify your smile. Traditional orthodontic braces usually take more than two years to accomplish this objective. However, you can consider six-month smiles as emergency dentistry because they can rectify the deficiency in your mouth and just 180 days.

What Are The Costs of Six-Month Smiles?

The cost of six-month smiles can vary according to your specific goals. They are generally less expensive when compared to traditional braces or aligners and every provider determines the cost of the treatment according to his or her experience. Thankfully most dentists offer payment plans just like us and therefore you do not have to be overly concerned about six-month smiles in Arlington.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

Six-Month smiles also utilize brackets and wires just like traditional metal braces with the exception that the brackets are clear and you will have tooth-colored wires in your teeth. This makes the braces virtually invisible like Invisalign. The system moves your teeth with less force than traditional braces giving you a comfortable experience. Despite being gentle the six-month smiles we provide work fast and deliver results in approximately six months on average. This is because the six-month smile is a cosmetic procedure focusing on creating a beautiful straight smile rather than altering the bite position. As mentioned earlier this system is inexpensive as compared to clear aligners.

Are These Braces Painful?

You should not be expecting any pain from these braces apart from mild temporary discomfort for some days after the braces are placed. The discomfort may continue when some adjustments are made but most people using them have not complained. You will experience some soreness initially but will eventually feel better with time.

What Are the Precautions Recommended For Six-Month Smiles?

If you are ascertained as a suitable candidate for six-month smiles and the braces have been placed on your teeth you must avoid certain foods just like with traditional braces. Crunchy, hard, and chewy foods can cause damage to the wires and brackets. Tooth decay will be common if you have sugary foods that can get trapped between the teeth. Cleaning your teeth will also require some care to get between the braces and underneath them. If you are not already using a mouthwash it may be a good idea to begin doing so for some extra protection.

After the removal of the six-month smiles braces, you can maintain the gorgeous results by wearing a retainer which we will provide. The retainer will be custom-designed according to your preference and will help you to maintain the results you achieved appropriately.

If you want to transform your smile within six months now is the time to call six-month smiles in Arlington for a consultation. This is an opportunity you would not want to miss as we are waiting to hear from you.