5 Tips For Fast Healing After Your Extraction

5 Tips For Fast Healing After Your Extraction

Aug 01, 2019

Has your dentist recommended you to get dental extraction? Worry not as dental extraction in Arlington, has become one of the most common procedures in present times. However, every dentist tries as much as possible to save your tooth, but at times it becomes imperative to remove your tooth, if it is beyond repair or deeply infected. When other treatment options don’t work, tooth removal is the only option.

In case you face any such situation and get your tooth removed, here’s a look at some tips that will help you in healing faster.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is a big No after removal of tooth as the suction needed for smoking can dislodge the healing tissue and lead to painful dry socket. Smoking will also increase the time it takes for the socket to heal.

Don’t Drink Through a Straw

You must not drink water or juices from a straw after tooth removal. Just like smoking, drinking with a straw causes suction and can also affect the healing. If you wish to have a milkshake or juice, either use a spoon or drink directly.

Treat the Area Gently

Another important thing to keep in mind is that when you clean your teeth, you should avoid brushing directly on the extraction site. It is better to rinse the area with lukewarm water and remove any food particles that have entered the site of extraction.

Eat Soft Foods

You must avoid eating any hard food items for few days. Accidentally chewing from the site of extraction can cause pain. Also, if you are experiencing some jaw discomfort, having soft foods can help. You can have macaroni, cheese, mashed potato, yogurt, and smoothies.

Get Ahead of Pain

It’s better to be prepared in advance for managing the pain. You can take anti-inflammatory medicine prescribed by your dentist in 76017 before your anesthesia wears off completely and you begin to feel the pain. This will not only help in reducing the discomfort, but also in reducing swelling as both of these are common after getting your tooth is removed.